Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Introductions ♥

 That little curly haired Hobbit to the left is me, with a poofy Tibetan Terrier named Izzy on my lap. Hello.

My name is Ashley and I am many things, but this blog in particular is about my complete love and adoration of animals. But in the event that you are the curious type, I am also an artist, gardener, and goof ball.

I created this blog because in the last year, I've thrown myself head-first into research about dogs. Dog behavioral research, genetics, nutrition, training, breed histories, and so much more! I need a place to track my findings, share my stories, and hopefully connect with other enthusiasts like myself.

 Aside from dogs, I'm also collecting information on bee keeping, felines, parrots, falconry, and chickens. Eventually, my boyfriend and I will have a small house on a few acres so I can really meld all of my passions. For now, we live in a condo on the beach with the Tibetan Terrier mentioned earlier and visible to the right, Isaiah (aka Izzy) who isn't motivated by much, a Chiweenie (Chihuahua x Dachshund) named Lassie who is very food motivated, four finches, and one old Cockatiel.

There will be much talk of Lassie and Izzy on this blog. True to Chiweenie form, Lassie is very protective of the big poofy boy. They're silly little things and I enjoy practicing the things I learn with them.
Sometime within the next year, I'm hoping to bring home a Borzoi. A dear friend told me of her wonderful experiences with a 'zoi as her psychiatric service dog. After researching as much as possible on the breed, and then meeting and interacting with several at a local conformation show, I fell completely in love and knew this gentle, sensitive, and striking breed was right for me. I may even train it to be my own psychiatric service dog to preform anxiety alerts, medication reminders, distractions from OCD behaviors, and blocking in public spaces (we'll see how the doctors/professionals weigh on that one).

I suppose this post is probably long enough at this point. Looking forward to learning as much as I can, and hopefully connect with other animal enthusiasts.

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